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Who We Are:

The name "Chevellon" comes from an area here in Arizona called Chevelon Canyon. It's one of Dave's favorite outdoor getaway spots. No upgrades just beautiful pines and lakes.

Chevellon is a four and sometimes five piece country & variety band assembled from some of the best performers in Arizona. Each member has literally decades of experience and all have brought a wealth of musical diversity and professionalism to the group. It all comes together to create a tight, fun, exciting, band with outstanding players and singers. We all outgrew the want to be a star phase a long time ago. We play music because it's what we do best and what we love most.

Chevellon plays classic and new country, a little classic rock, and a little oldies rock, but most of all, we just have a whole lot of fun and that’s what you get when you hire "CHEVELLON"

Our goal is to give our clients what they pay for and expect, fun and exciting top notch entertainment. We don’t want to be like “other bands” and we will do our best to give you and your clients the best entertainment value for your money. We try to be flexible and work closely with you as a team.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you soon.